Openreach cuts wholesale broadband prices to boost fibre uptake

Openreach is today introducing some significant discounts across its national wholesale superfast and ultrafast broadband networks. The discounts go beyond the pricing regulations imposed by Ofcom, and in some cases they reduce wholesale pricing by up to 40%.

Matthew Howett, Founder & Principal Analyst at Assembly comments:

"This can be read more than one way. In one sense it's about Openreach showing the industry and the regulator that they have changed and are implementing the further separation from BT not only to the letter, but also in the spirit of what was agreed. This does seem like a genuine move to get more people onto the fibre network and stave off criticism from those that say the UK falls behind.

It's also about making commercial sense. For Openreach (and others) to invest confidently in Britain's fibre future they need to get a sense of the demand that's out there. Securing large scale orders from customers like Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone will encourage them to go even further with the build."

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