Ofcom answers calls for predictability and certainty when it comes to full fibre

Ofcom has outlined a package of proposed measures to support long-term investment in full-fibre networks. They include regulating business and residential markets together, plans for unrestricted access to Openreach’s ducts and poles, different regulatory approaches in different parts of the country and extending the duration of regulation from three to five years or more.

Matthew Howett, Founder & Principal Analyst at Assembly comments:

"The Ofcom announcement is part of the wider narrative and background work which seems to have been taking place between government, regulator and industry lately. It's encouraging to finally see more joined up thinking and a collaborative approach. Today's announcement should be seen as a directional document, the detail of which will follow in the relevant market reviews Ofcom carries out. There are things in there that BT and Openreach will be encouraged by, and others that will likely prompt a more critical response. The unrestricted duct and pole access for instance which would allow mobile operators to connect base stations is likely to raise a few eyebrows."

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