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FCC wraps up 24GHz auction and announces the next 5G awards in the US

The US regulator completed the award of high-band spectrum.

Background: The FCC began the award of ‘high-band’ spectrum for 5G with the 28GHz band (‘Auction 101’), which concluded in January and generated USD702.6m. Back then, the regulator did not disclose details of the winners, since the award was linked to that of the 24GHz band (Auction 102) which began shortly afterwards.

End of the 24GHz award: On Tuesday, the FCC ended the assignment phase of Auction 102, after the clock phase had finished on 17 April 2019. The revenue of this auction was almost three times as much as the 28GHz one, raising a total USD2.02bn in gross bids. The participants won 2,904 of the 2,909 licenses offered. Combined, the two auctions totalled USD2.7bn; 55 applicants obtained 5,869 licences.

More 5G spectrum on the way: The FCC had already announced plans to award spectrum in the 37GHz, 39GHz, and 47GHz bands this year. Today, it has confirmed these will start on 10 December 2019, under the name of Auction 103.