Regulatory Briefing

A regular briefing on the hottest regulatory and policy topics

To keep up-to-date with the hottest topics affecting the sector, we offer a regular briefing from our analyst team. We choose topics we think will be of interest and where there is best practice to share. Our ongoing dialogue with these stakeholders adds depth to the topics we present.



A tried and tested product to keep you updated on happenings in the world of regulation. We present to you topics from countries and regions where we observe best practice. The briefing is fully customisable to meet your needs – this includes frequency, geography and even topic selection.



  • Presentation by conference call to as many participants as you wish

  • Typically four topics presented in one hour

  • Accompanying slide pack (typically 20 – 25 slides)

  • Time for Q&A

  • Playback recording available so those who missed the call can catch-up when they wish



  • Flexible country/region focus to match your requirements e.g. exclusively UK, Europe etc.

  • Monthly or quarterly at a date and time of your choosing


  • Useful if you are not as physically close to the market/region being monitored

  • Analysts are able to share insight gained from conversations with stakeholders

  • Follow-up sessions on topics presented are available for more in-depth coverage


December 2018

  1. Regulating platforms in Australia

  2. Ofcom revises annual spectrum licence fees (again)

  3. 5G spectrum awards round-up

  4. Ofcom’s wholesale broadband access market review

November 2018

  1. Unrestricted duct and pole access (uDPA) in the UK

  2. Net neutrality in Italy

  3. T-Mobile/Tele2 merger in the Netherlands

  4. Summary of International Grand Committee on Disinformation

October 2018

  1. Italy’s 5G auction

  2. FT-ETNO event round-up

  3. Cable regulation in the Netherlands

  4. Big Tech round-up

September 2018

  1. Regulating Big Tech in the EU

  2. Vodafone UK's analyst day

  3. 5G in Germany

  4. Privacy in the US

August 2018

  1. Regulating Platforms in the US

  2. Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2018

  3. ARCEP's approach to FTTH 'cherry picking'

  4. 5G spectrum round-up

July 2018

  1. UK Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review

  2. Ofcom on full fibre regulatory approach

  3. Fibre advertising in UK, France and Italy

  4. DCMS – regulating social media companies

June 2018

  1. Three UK’s 5G plans

  2. The EC’s Electronic Communications Code

  3. Connected Britain 2018 conference

  4. US net neutrality

May 2018

  1. BT's new strategic direction

  2. GDPR: what to expect in year 1

  3. GDPR: how to achieve consistency

  4. BT Consumer relaunch





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