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Assembly’s 5G tracker

Assembly's 5G tracker

October 2019

One of our 10 trackers providing up-to-date benchmarking of how regulators and policymakers are making spectrum available for 5G.


5G is already commercially available in some countries, though it is still very much in its infancy around the world. While testing and trials are well underway, governments and regulators continue to lay the groundwork to make it happen in their respective countries, through the adoption of long-term strategy and the award of the necessary spectrum.

Assembly’s 5G tracker shows that regulators are expanding the range of spectrum bands for 5G, particularly above the 2GHz range. Most of the activity has occurred in the 3.4–3.8GHz range, with a high number of awards in the 3.4–3.6GHz and in the 3.6–3.8GHz bands. Some countries have also assigned very-high frequency spectrum, in bands such as 24GHz (US) and 26GHz (Italy).

Coverage obligations are rare for spectrum above 2GHz, although some regulators (Germany in particular) have set out requirements in the 3.4–3.6GHz band, despite the opposition of the industry. Sharing frameworks are also still relatively hard to come by, although they are starting to appear in some high bands in Italy and Germany. Despite the calls from some stakeholders to enhance and foster more spectrum sharing, most of the awards are still taking place along the lines of the typical auction for exclusive use.

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